Episode One of They Live Among Us, “Pull My Strings” made its debut on All Saint’s Day – November 1, 2011. Here’s what people are saying about it:

“‎Anne Lower’s sensual, captivating webseries, They Live Among Us – this should be a case study for micro budget projects. Powered by passion, a great script, a talented cast & crew – the sky can truly be the limit.” ~ filmmaker Seth Ruffer

“THEY LIVE AMONG US is an exceptional webseries of uncommon depth.” ~ The 7th Matrix

“Imagine Wim Wenders’ WINGS OF DESIRE as a webseries and you’re on your way to THEY LIVE AMONG US.” Screenread Webzine (GE)

“I love genre hybrids, especially since every genre known to humanity has been done to death in every possible medium, so unless and until we invent new mediums, or new genres, mixing ‘em up may be the best recipe for mass media consumption, even though recycling often leads to regurgitation. This is thankfully not the case with the sleekly produced web series “They Live Among Us,” which makes pure pulp by throwing gothic horror, film noir, urban (LA) angst, theological theorizing, philosophical philandering, and spiritual sex into a genre-bending blender.” ~ Placevine Studios critic Will Vaharo 

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Interview with TLAU Creator Anne Lower on Casey Ryan’s Cutting Room Floor

Read Anne’s Interview with Social Hollywood

Episode 5 Is Live!

Episode 5 picks up where 4 left off:

After secretly observing Rocco’s return to Serafina, Caim battles his inner demons, while Buer urges him to join forces against Lucian and Beliala. Lillith and her newest companion leave the bar as Ted journeys to the Hollywood sign in search of Peg. Serafina, restless, struggle with her decision to forgive Rocco.

Episode 5: Night’s Candles


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