Mission: Possible

We’ve had a great start out of the gate with our Indiegogo campaign for They Live Among Us, Episodes 4 – 6.

There’s a lot going on! Check out the TLAU Trailer Contest on our Contests Page!

I’ve heard from many people who plan to pledge. Yay! And thank you… but please don’t wait too long. There’s a psychological component to crowdfunding; delays may make a thriving project look like a dead fish floating in pond scum. We certainly don’t want to be that.

Are you short on funds? Pledges start as low as $15.00. That’s 1) the price of one IMAX ticket 2) Two six-packs of beer 3) One week of Starbucks lattes 4) A DVD in the sale bin at Wal-Mart. The point being, supporting indie filmmakers takes an effort from both sides of the equation. Our works are not mass-distributed through chain theatres. We don’t have networks backing us up. We work hard to make this happen for you… so maybe you’d send us your beer money?

I keep saying that it takes a village to make a film. That’s because it is true. And that is what crowdfunding is all about – building a community of support for artists and audiences alike. So, in that spirit, some more suggestions on how you can crowdfund They Live Among Us:

1) Go to your local eatery/pub that you frequent, and talk the owner into letting you hold a one-night fundraiser for the project. Eating establishments do this all the time! At the end of the night, add together all of your change – and send it to the project. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this adds up.

2) Hold a fundraising dinner party! Dinner with friends is a great way to quickly bring some money to the table. Prepare a sumptuous feast (if you need menu suggestions, I have many), and ask your friends to each throw $$ into the hat. At the end of the night, add it up and send it in. Your group might just get an IMDB credit!

3) Hold a staged reading as a fundraiser at a local theatre or hangout. 6 – 7 short plays, or one full-length. Need plays? I know playwrights. Really good ones, who will let you do this for free. Invite audience members, asking them each to pay a set amount… add it up, and you’ll be amazed. So will we.

4) Host a wine tasting. If you frequent a local liquor establishment, often they will donate a couple of cases for a cause – and if they are a wine store, they may even provide you with an employee who is knowledgeable in regard to the wondrous grape. Invite a large crowd; they each pay a suggested donation. They can use it to tout their product; you can use it to fund TLAU. Get some cheese and crackers, pop some corks and imbibe safely

Bonus: any of you who are holding fundraisers, E-mail me. I’ll provide you with some nifty giveaway items for drawings.

What this all boils down to is that you may not feel that your contribution alone will make a difference (although it will), but if you think about the power of numbers, when you add all of the donations together, a HUGE difference is made.

So. Fundraisers. It’s January 4. You have 26 days to complete your mission. I will not disavow you. This post will not sel-destruct. I’m here to help.

Who’s going first?

One response to “Mission: Possible

  1. I’m holding the candle bright. Again, so frustrating not to be in a position to meaningfully assist, but I’ll keep pimping for TLAU on Twitter. Kick Ass and Take Names, SheVous (I hope I recalled it correctly)! XOXO

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